When pipes freeze, you will have blocked or restricted water flow, which is usually the first indication of a problem. During an extended cold spell, pipes may freeze despite precautions taken.


At the first sign of a blockage, open a faucet so that once the pipe thaws the water has a place to go, relieving the pressure and preventing the pipe from bursting. Finding the blockage is critical. If you think you know where the freezing occurred, the safest tool to use is a hair fryer on a low setting. Wave the warm air back and forth along the pipe. DO NOT hold in one spot! (CAUTION: DO NOT under any circumstances use a torch or any open flame. The entire home could catch fire. Also, overheating in one spot can burst the pipe and heating a soldered joint could allow it to leak or come apart.) Be careful as the pipe may already be broken. As the water thaws it could come gushing out. Be ready to shut the water off at the master shut off valve if necessary. If you don’t know where the freezing occurred, you may want to call your plumber to trace the supply pipe where it runs through exterior walls or other unheated areas.


If any pipes burst outside the house PLEASE call the District at 775-673-2220 and our personnel will promptly respond and turn off your meter during regular business hours. After hours calls (evening starting at 4:30 pm, weekend and holiday) will be billed the standard after hours service charge of $30.00.