At one time, Sun Valley was merely a picturesque valley located just north of Reno. Then, beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s, development started to shape the Valley. Local developers created sub-divisions Juniper Terrace, Juniper Heights and Juniper Mobile Home Estates located at the north end of Sun Valley. Harry Gepford (Gepford Park) was a major player in the development of the Valley along with several others that still reside here in Sun Valley. They worked to establish lots of multiple sizes and develop streets where the lots were situated. At that time the various lots included septic systems and wells as the Sun Valley General Improvement District was not formed until 1967. The district was formed due to the need for fresh water as the ground water became polluted due to the construction and development activity. One of the first businesses established in Sun Valley was the Dew Drop In, which was a tavern located on Sun Valley Blvd. Lois Allen, at that time was the principal of Sun Valley Elementary, the only local elementary school in the Valley. Later an elementary school Lois Allen Elementary, was named after the popular teacher and principal.