Sun Valley General Improvement District, also know as the District, was established in 1967 as Sun Valley’s water and sanitation district. The Sun Valley General Improvement District is a quasi-municipal entity established under Nevada Revised Statute, Chapter 318 and chartered to provide water, sewer, garbage, and recreation services throughout the community.

The District owns and maintains an estimated 100 miles of water mains, 120 miles of sewer mains, two sewer vaults, several pressure reducing vaults and pumping stations, and nine water storage water tanks. Since its inception, all service connections have been metered. In the early 1990s the District converted to an automated metering system. Today, meter readers receive usage information via radio signal.

With the assistance of members of the general public, the District acquired the garbage authority in August, 1990. The District was able to redirect the franchise fee from Washoe County’s general fund to the District’s garbage fund. These funds are now being used for community-based programs, senior discounts, beautification projects, and public education.

The District acquired the recreation authority in September, 2009 and took over ownership of the Sun Valley Community Park, Robert and Norma G. Fink Sun Valley Pool Complex, Gepford Park, Highland Ranch Park, and Sun Mesa Park. The District is committed to providing its residents with a range of park and recreation opportunities to improve health and quality of life.

For over five decades, the SVGID has been delivering quality drinking water to the Sun Valley community. The District continually strives to ensure that all aspects of Sun Valley’s water distribution, sewer, garbage, recreation, and community services are efficient while providing exceptional service to more than 20,000 residents.