Welcome to Sun Valley General Improvement District

The District owns and maintains an estimated 100 miles of water mains, 120 miles of sewer mains, two sewer vaults, several pressure reducing vaults and pumping stations, and nine water storage water tanks. Since its inception, all service connections have been metered. In the early 1990s the District converted to an automated metering system.


The District will resume back to normal business practices effective July 1, 2020; this includes reinstating the credit/debit card service fee and non-payment disconnects.  The District unfortunately cannot waive your bill but is available to work out a payment plan to help you get caught up on your balance. If you have an outstanding balance please speak with a Customer Service Representative before June 30, 2020 to arrange for a payment plan that works for both parties to avoid being disconnected.  


In efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, beginning Wednesday, March 18th, the Sun Valley General Improvement District (District) office will be closed to the public until further notice. The District will continue to provide essential services and work with customers. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.


With heavy hearts, the Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to close the Robert & Norma Fink Sun Valley Pool for 2020. After careful consideration and continued monitoring of our current COVID-19 health crisis; the Board of Trustees is putting the health and safety of the community and District staff first. While the Pool may be closed to the public, the District has chosen to use this time to perform repairs using funds from the Recreation Fee.


The District encourages  3 times a week watering; odd addresses  Wednesday, Friday & Sunday and even addresses  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For more water conservation tips , please click here.

Watering Days

The District encourages water conservation year round; with a dry winter we all have to do our part to help conserve water. The District recommends following Truckee Meadows Authority watering schedule. You may water if the last number of your address is Odd (1,3,5,7 or 9) Wednesday, Friday & Sunday and Even (0,2,4,6 or 8) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You are encouraged not to water on Mondays to allow water systems to replenish