Welcome to Sun Valley General Improvement District

The District owns and maintains an estimated 100 miles of water mains, 120 miles of sewer mains, two sewer vaults, several pressure reducing vaults and pumping stations, and nine water storage water tanks. Since its inception, all service connections have been metered. In the early 1990s the District converted to an automated metering system.


Every winter, many homeowners face the expense and inconvenience of frozen water pipes. You can cross that off you list of winter worries by taking a few simple precautions. CLICK HERE FOR TIPS TO PREVENT FROZEN PIPES.


When pipes freeze, you will have blocked or restricted water flow, which is usually the first indication of a problem. During an extended cold spell, pipes may freeze despite precautions taken. PLEASE CLICK HER FOR MORE TIPS HOW TO HANDLE FROZEN PIPES


Sun Valley General Improvement District Board of Trustees proclaimed January as National Radon Awareness Month. To help bring awareness to Radon, the District in partnership with Nevada Cooperative Extension, will be providing FREE Radon Kits. Kits are available for all Nevada residents and can be picked up during regular business hours. For more information regarding Radon, please visit www.RadonNV.com or call 888-RADON10.


The District Office will be closed Monday, February 18, 2019 in observance of President’s Day.

Conserving Water

As we enter our 4th year of the drought many customers are concerned about our water supply and what they can do to help. The Sun Valley General Improvement District buys water wholesale from the Truckee Meadows Water Association (TWMA) who owns and operates the only water treatment plants in the Truckee Meadows. TMWA also operates several groundwater wells in the region to offset the surface water use from the Truckee River. TMWA is assuring us that they are prepared to meet the demands of all water users by utilizing its drought storage located in Donner and Independence Lakes. TWMA is also asking that all its customers including the Sun Valley District to reduce water use by 10%. For water saving tips to meet this goal, please visit our Customer Information/Conservation tab.