A Message From Your General Manager

Sun Valley General Improvement District (District) purchases all of its water from Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA)and distributes it to District customers. When TMWA approves a rate increase it affects the rate payers of Sun Valley and the operations of the District. We regret having to pass thru these rate increases, but in order to be financially responsible to the District customers, we have no choice. This rate increase, to be equitable, will be put on the District’s consumption rate and not the base rate. This means those that conserve will see little change to their bills and for those that use more water will see more of an increase.
The District values its customers and tries to keep our rates down and fights hard against any and all rate increases. Below is the scheduled increases forecast by TMWA. We encourage you to voice your opposition at TMWA Board meetings.
In 2017 TMWA approved a multi-year rate increase; 2017 3% (District passed through to District customers),2018 3% (District absorbed increase, no pass thru to customers), 2019 2.5% (TMWA deferred), 2020 2.5%
(TMWA deferred) and 2021 2.5% to go into effect May 1, 2021. The rate increases that were deferred by TMWA have been pushed out to subsequent years 2021, 2022, and 2023.
The District has increased the residential, commercial and bulk single use water consumption rate by 2.5%per year for each of the next three years to coincide with the planned similar increases by TMWA. These increases have been adopted and approved by the District Board of Trustees and will go into effect beginning June 1, 2021. For more information, and for full Tariff details, visit the District’s website.

Jon Combs, General Manager

Watering Days

The District encourages water conservation year-round. With a dry winter we all have to do our part to help conserve water. The District recommends following Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s schedule to water three times per week. Odd addresses are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and even address days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For more
water conservation tips visit the District’s website.

Sun Valley Pool Updates

We are excited to announce that the freshly updated Robert & Norma Fink Sun Valley Pool will open for the season Saturday, June 12th and will operate Tuesday-Sunday through August 8th. Check out the website for more information on pool events and activities.

The District is hiring lifeguards and cashier for the2021 Sun Valley Pool Season. Applications can be found on the District website can be picked up at the District office.

Sun Valley Parks

After a long winter it is time to get outside and play! The District’s parks are well maintained and a great place for all to enjoy. Sun Valley Community Park, located at 115 W. 6th Ave., offers an outdoor pool, soccer field, baseball field, volleyball court, basketball court, inline skate rink, skate park, BMX park, playground and walking path. The park also features Pre-K Program offered by Community Services Agency and Washoe County Senior Program. Adults and youth can also participate in Reno United Tang Soo Do Martial Arts. The District is also happy to welcome the New Revival Church to the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center. Gepford Park, located at 305 E. Gepford Pkwy., offers a playground, covered picnic area, two basketball courts, and four baseball fields operated by Sun Valley Cal Ripken. Highland Ranch Park, located at 1200 Highland Ranch Pkwy., offers a playground , covered picnic area, basketball court, horseshoe pits, volleyball court and hiking. Sun Mesa Park, located at 570 Sun Mesa Dr., offers a playground covered picnic area and walking path. Visit the District website  to take a virtual tour of the District’s recreation facilities, check the event calendar or learn about renting a park for your next party.

KTMB Great Community Cleanup

Join us May 1st for the Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Community Cleanup. This annual event helps Sun Valley clean up and encourages local community members to join in and volunteer. For more information visit
KTMB.org or call (775)851-5185.

Free Giveaway Day

1st Century Church is hosting a Give Away Day Saturday, May 8th at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center from 8am until everything is gone. This event is to help those in need of household items, new and gently used clothing for all ages and genders. For event details, contact John Price at johnprice7@gmail.com.


  • April 22nd – District Board Meeting
  • May 1st – KTMB Great Community Cleanup
  • May 8th – Free Giveaway Day
  • May 13th – District Board Meeting
  • May 27th – District Board Meeting
  • May 31st – Memorial Day (District office closed)
  • June 10th – District Board Meeting
  • June 12th – Pool Season Open
  • June 19th – Fink Free Swim Day
  • June 24th – District Board Meeting
  • June 25th – Movie In The Park