The Wish Tree Grants over 400 Wishes to Sun Valley Children

This past holiday season, the Sun Valley Wish Tree through the efforts of many individuals and businesses in Sun Valley and beyond was able to grant wishes to children in the Valley that may have not received anything this year. Due to the many hardships some families are suffering, the Wish Tree was able to make some special wishes come true. The families are recipients of the Sun Valley Pantry operated by Pastor Joe Barstow of Hope Nazarene Church in Sun Valley. Through his efforts along with the District, and the Sun Valley community the Wish Tree provided over 400 children their wishes. A special thanks to Washoe County Commissioner Bonnie Weber for all of her efforts on behalf of the Valley and her generous support of the Wish Tree. Winners Column of the Reno Gazette Journal On Saturday, December 31, 2011 the Reno Gazette Journal recognized the efforts of everyone involved with the Wish Tree in their Winner’s Column written by the editorial staff of the newspaper. Kudos to all!

Veterans Day in Sun Valley

It was a sunny day in Sun Valley last November 11, 2011 when the community celebrated Veteran’s Day by honoring local veterans and their families. The event, held at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center was hosted by Washoe County Senior Services and the Sun Valley General Improvement District. Local residents enjoyed a Color Guard presented by the Boy Scouts followed by a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangle Banner performed by Nanette Fink-Eaton, daughter of Sun Valley Trustee Robert Fink. Displays included representatives of the armed forces and the local Red Cross. State elected officials sent representatives to help honor the veterans and also to provide senatorial and congressional recognition of the event. Assemblywoman Debbie Smith and Washoe County Commissioner Bonnie Weber were also on hand to lend their support. Attendees enjoyed free barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs with the trimmings and beverages provided by 7up Bottling Company of Reno. This was the second year for the event that was partly funded by a Met Life grant that Washoe County Senior Services received in 2010.

Employee Spotlight Justin Kistner

Justin has been with the District since last January and is a Service Tech 1 which means he is out and about in the Valley installing and servicing meters, performing leak checks, disconnects and handling most situations that require his skills. Justin grew up in the Reno area and attended Reed High School. He is the proud father of two daughters, Brianna nine years old and Sierria, fourteen years old. They reside in Spanish Springs. Justin said he enjoys working with the public and helping people. “Working at the District is like a big family. Everyone cares about what they do and I really enjoy my job on a daily basis.” The District is happy to have Justin on the team.

Employee District Trustee Officers for 2012

The 2012 Officers for the Board of Trustees are: Margaret Reinhardt, Chair; Linda Woodland, Vice Chair; Sandra Ainsworth, Secretary; Garth Elliot, Treasurer; Robert Fink, Trustee.

Weatherization Tips

During the winter when the temperatures drop below freezing it is important that customers ensure that their homes are properly protected to avoid frozen or broken water lines. For mobile homes skirting must be in place and secured all the way around the home to help retain heat and keep the cold out. Heat tape should be applied to the riser where the water comes out of the ground and connects into the home; heat tape should be checked every year to ensure that it is still working properly, all exposed pipes under the mobile should be wrapped with insulation and taped to avoid contact with the cold. Irrigation systems should be shut off and drained prior to winter to avoid freezing and breaking of backflow preventers. Locate the main shut off valve at the home, if one exists, and make sure it is functioning properly and is accessible in case of an emergency. Brochures are available in the District’s front lobby on “Winterizing Your Water Pipes”. If you do encounter frozen pipes in your home, thaw them out slowly and be aware that when pipes freeze and break you may not notice the break until they are thawed and water is allowed to flow freely. The District has a Service Technician available 24 hours a day to respond to your home and turn off your water in case of an emergency or for you to make any necessary repairs. Call 673-2220.

Winter Sewer Usage Evaluation Process

Each year the District performs a winter sewer usage evaluation. During the months of December, January, and February each customer will be billed sewer charges based on 100% of their metered water consumption. This allows the District to set each customer sewer maximum. What does this mean? During these months it is most likely that most customers are not irrigating their yards or using additional water that never reaches the District’s sewer system (swamp cooler, washing cars, etc). It is safe to say that any water consumption during the evaluation months is an accurate measure of metered water consumption that enters the District’s sewer system. The average monthly consumption during this period shall establish each individual customer’s maximum monthly billable quantity for sewer service for the remainder of the year (March-November). If the monthly discharge is less than the average monthly consumption, the billing shall be based on the actual metered water consumption for that billing period. If at any time during the winter sewer usage evaluation period you experience a leak, drip your water to prevent your pipes from freezing, or irrigate the yard due to unseasonably warm weather, please contact the District to fill out the appropriate form. Submitting these forms will allow the District to take these instances into consideration when setting the sewer maximum.

Utility Host Award

The CA-NV American Water Works Association held their annual fall conference at the Grand Sierra Resort October 2011. The Sun Valley GID was honored at the conference as the local Utility Host. District staff member Jennifer Merritt received the Local Arrangements Committee Chair award for her hard work and dedication. She was responsible for performing all of the local arrangements for the conference that brought in over 1,000 attendees. Such duties including recruiting volunteers to staff technical sessions, arranging technical tours, educating high school students about the water industry, and assisting with onsite needs. A special thanks to all District staff who volunteered at the conference.

District Board Meetings. You Are Invited…

The public is invited and encouraged to attend District Board meetings which are held every other Thursday throughout the year except during November and December when they meet once each month. The meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the downstairs meeting room accessed from Prosser Street. Meeting notices and an agenda are posted on the District’s website and in public businesses around the community areas in advance of each meeting.

Spring is around the corner!