Message from the Chair/Sandra Ainsworth

On behalf of the Sun Valley General Improvement District Trustees, we are looking forward to this years’ events and activities in Sun Valley. We hope our customers are also looking forward to enjoying our Valley and all it has to offer. From our wonderful swimming pool and Sun Valley Community Park, to all the other parks we are fortunate to call our own, that provide a variety of sports, family gatherings and other activities. We will also continue Movies in the Park – which was a hit last year along with swimming pool activities and parties for kids and their families. Remember too, the annual Community Service Awards which recognize those people or businesses in our community that over the year have added to our quality of life and community spirit. If you know someone that you think deserves this award, please nominate them. You can also get involved by volunteering in a number of areas including the annual clean up, at our parks and other volunteer opportunities that help provide a better quality of life and promote community pride. We hope you will join us at our annual Veterans Day celebration, a free community event that honors all veterans and their families. We thank you for your feedback to our survey as to what you would like to see happen in the Valley. We listened to you and are working to make it happen. Any questions or for more information, please contact the District Office at 775-673-2220, or visit the website at

Sun Valley General Improvement District Board of Trustees

District Trustees recently voted for the 2014 officers for the Board. Those elected are: Sandra Ainsworth, Chair; Garth Elliott Vice Chair; Margaret Reinhardt, Secretary; Joseph Barstow, Treasurer and Susan Severt, Trustee. The District Trustees meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, beginning at 6 pm at the District’s office in the lower level board room (please use Prosser entrance). The public is encouraged to attend.

District Donates Computers

Following the approval of District Trustees, the Sun Valley General Improvement District recently had the opportunity to donate a total of 11 computers to Sun Valley Elementary School. Principal Prim Walters expressed that she was excited for the opportunity to get technology in the hands of the students and their families at Sun Valley Elementary. She was very appreciative of the computer donation.

Summit Christian Church Donates $1,000

Summit Christian Church working with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, with participation in Make A Difference Day, generously donated $1,000 to the District for parks in Sun Valley. The District used the donation towards replacement of trees at the Sun Valley Community Park, Highland Ranch Park and Sun Mesa Park. On November 2, 2013 the church provided approximately 1,000 volunteers to help clean up area parks, including Sun Valley’s parks. Make A Difference Day is the largest national day of community service with millions of volunteers around the world to unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others. The next cleanup day is scheduled in Spring 2014.

Family Resource Center Offers Free Tax Preparation & E-Filing

Sun Valley residents are invited to take advantage of free income tax preparation at the Sun Valley Family Resource Center, 115 West 6th Ave., located in the Neighborhood Center. They are scheduled for each Wednesday and Friday beginning February 5 through April 11, 2014 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. They will be closed March 12 & 14. Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome. Call 775-674-4411 to set up an appointment.

Sun Valley Sidewalk Project

Washoe County’s internal CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Review Committee recently approved the District’s West 2nd Ave. sidewalk project. The project was also approved by the Washoe County Commission on December 17, 2013 and was ranked #1 priority. The final request will be presented to the State of Nevada’s CDBG Board in 2014 for approval. The total amount requested is $405,304.00.

Community Service Awards

The District is calling for nominations for Sun Valley’s Community Service Awards. The awards are open to businesses and individuals that go above and beyond in their efforts to support the quality of life in Sun Valley and to its betterment. Please nominate that person(s) or business that you think is a deserving candidate. Nomination forms are available at the District’s office located at 5000 Sun Valley Blvd., Sun Valley NV.

Volunteering in Sun Valley

Many communities rely upon locals to volunteer for various services in their community. Sun Valley encourages volunteerism and has several areas that need the assistance of volunteers, especially in parks and recreation services. For more information please visit the District’s website at

Prepping Trees and Shrubs

Late winter and early spring is considered a good time to prune shrubs and trees. Prune unwanted branches of trees and shrubs after new growth has begun. Cut back any remaining dead perennial foliage from last season and prune roses just before they start to bud out. Spring blooming trees and shrubs, however, should not be pruned in late winter: their flower buds are ready to open as temperatures warm. Azaleas, forsythia, weigela, dogwood and other spring shrubs can be pruned. Fruit tree pruning is also best done in late winter or early spring. Prune well before buds begin to break into bloom or the tree may be stressed resulting in a reducing crop. Early spring is also a good time to transplant any existing shrubs you want to move – prior to their beginning to leaf out. The soil is moist, which helps new rooting to expand from the transplant zone and to reach out for more nutrients.

Washoe County Senior Services at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center

The Washoe County Senior Services programs are available from 9 am until 1 pm, Monday through Friday at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center, located at 115 West 6th Ave., Sun Valley. For more information call Washoe County Senior Services at 775-673-9417.

Winterization/Frozen Pipes

Imagine coming home from work or waking up in the morning and going to take a shower, flush the toilet, wash your hands or most important to make a pot of coffee and realizing that you have no water. Immediately you think the water had been turned off and call Sun Valley G.I.D. to ask why you have no water. The Service Technician or a Customer Service Representative notifies you that there is no record of the water being turned off to your address. Once a technician has been dispatched to your house to check, for an additional charge if after hours, it is determined that the meter is on and operational and the problem has occurred due to frozen pipes under the house. Unfortunately this is a common scenario when temperatures dip below freezing, especially for extended periods of time. Some customers have reported being without water in excess of week while they go through the process of trying to thaw the lines under their homes. The worst reported consequences to customers has been the total loss of a home from fire due to improper thawing techniques such as; unattended heaters, open flame heating devices, or careless use of torches. For most people the problem doesn’t end with the freezing pipes, it’s once the outside temperatures rise or thawing methods have worked they discover that water lines have broken due to the expansion of the water during the freezing process. Damage to pipes due to freezing can cause longer periods without water and additional expenses to repair them. In most cases freezing pipes could have been prevented by taking just a few precautions in the late fall or early winter to prepare your home for the cold weather. For customers with mobile homes, ensure that skirting is in place around the entire home to prevent cold air from entering. Insulate and heat tape exposed lines especially the service line that comes up out of the ground and supplies the house with water, this is the location where freezing most often occurs. Don’t forget about insulating hot water heaters and their supply lines when they are located and accessed from the exterior of the home. Last but not least, drain irrigation systems to include backflow devices. As a final measure you can leave faucets dripping to maintain movement in the lines which can also reduce the risk of freezing. A few precautionary steps in preparation for winter can save you time money and inconvenience. If you decide to leave faucets dripping in an effort to prevent freezing, the G.I.D. has a form you can fill out so the additional water used during that period will not affect your annual sewer average. As always if you have any questions about your water or sewer, please call our main office at (775) 673-2220.