It is with pleasure we present the following trustees that will oversee the Sun Valley General Improvement District during 2015. Trustees Sandra Ainsworth and Garth Elliott were re-elected and Susan Severt was elected to serve the Sun Valley General Improvement District Board of Trustees. Sun Valley voters showed their support of the trustees and their hard work by electing them. Congratulations! Board Trustees Joseph Barstow and Margaret Reinhardt were not up for re-election and continue to serve on the Board.


During the January 8, 2015 District meeting, the Board voted for the 2015 officers for the Board. Those elected are: Chair, Sandra Ainsworth; Vice Chair, Susan Severt; Secretary, Margaret Reinhardt; Treasurer, Joseph Barstow; Trustee, Garth Elliott. The District Board of Trustees meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, beginning at 6pm at the District’s board room in the lower level (please use Prosser Way entrance). The public is encouraged to attend.


Sun Valley’s annual Veterans Day event was a great success and included a free pancake breakfast held Saturday November 8, 2014. The event, sponsored by the Sun Valley General Improvement District and Washoe County Senior Services was held at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center and hosted local and state elected officials, a Boy Scout Color Guard and a vocal rendition of the national anthem. Vendor displays were a highlight and included the Veterans Guest House, Nevada Department of Veteran Services and others.


The District is pleased to announce that customers are now able to pay their bills online. The cost is $1.97 per transaction and will be collected at the time of payment. Customers can also now view their bill and account information online. Simply visit the District website to create your online account. Customers can also use any of the following methods of payment:

• At the District office by cash, check, money order (at no charge) or with VISA/MasterCard/Discover credit or debit card ($1.97 fee applies)

• At the District drop box by check or money order (at no charge)

• By USPS with check or money order (at no charge)

• ACH – Automatic deduction on your due date from your checking account (at no charge)

• By phone with a VISA/MasterCard/ Discover credit card or debit card ($1.97 fee applies)

• Or by using your personal bank bill pay services (fees vary by bank)


The District recently conducted a survey to get feedback on a potential dog park in the community. At this time we have decided against pursuing such a park. We wish to thank all that participated and will hold onto the responses for future reference.


Communities everywhere rely upon local residents and businesses to be involved in the betterment of their communities. In Sun Valley, there are many businesses, groups and individuals that do their part and everyone benefits. The District honors and recognizes those by an annual Community Service Award and needs District customers to help with this process by nominating a person, group or business that you feel does their part for the betterment of Sun Valley and its residents. The District requests a simple statement about what this person, group or business does and why you think they should be honored and recognized. For more information contact the District at 775.673.2220.


Winter watering is important to the region’s community forest. As temperatures cool, lessen outdoor watering but remember that fall and winter in the Truckee Meadows are often characterized by dry air, little precipitation, a lack of moisture in the soil, and wide outdoor temperature swings. The need for winter watering may not be obvious but trees and plants need water to stay healthy. Follow these helpful winter watering tips:

• Give your trees supplemental water every 2 to 4 weeks if there is no precipitation. A healthy watered tree can withstand strong wind and freezing temperatures far better that one that is dry and stressed.

• Irrigate when temperatures are above 40 degrees and early enough in the day that the water won’t freeze overnight.

• Avoid piling snow around trees as snow suffocation can occur.

• Remember to track your winter watering during the winter averaging period and report such usage on the Winter Average Evaluation form (available on the website or in the District office) 5000 Sun Valley Blvd or


A good method to check for leaks is to examine your winter water usage. It is likely that a family of four has a serious leak problem if its winter water use exceeds 12,000 gallons per month. Leaky faucets can be fixed by checking faucet washers and gaskets for wear and replacing them if necessary. If you are replacing a faucet, look for the EPA WaterSense label. One way to find out if you have a toilet leak is to place a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the color shows up in the bowl within 15 minutes without flushing, you have a leak. Make sure to flush immediately after this experiment to avoid staining the tank and bowl. When in doubt, the District can assist by performing a leak test at the meter. For more information please call the District office at 775.673.2220.


The District office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. During normal business hours, a Service Technician is available at no charge to respond to routine water or sewer service calls. After normal business hours a $30 fee will be charged for emergency water or sewer service calls where the issue is determined to be the customer’s responsibility. The District recommends that you contact us prior to calling out a plumber for sewer related issues. This gives us the opportunity to check property line clean outs and the main lines to determine whether the problem is within District facilities which would be fixed at no cost to the customer, or whether the issue is on the property and a recommendation to call a plumber would be given. With regard to the water lines, the District is responsible for the main lines, service lines to the meter, and the meter box up to the point where the service line from the home is connected to the meter. All water lines from the meter to the home belong to the landowner along with the responsibility for any repairs. The District is dedicated to providing quality service to our customers, giving us the opportunity to investigate water and sewer issues prior to contacting a plumber, to identify who is responsible for the repair and potentially save the customers time and money.


Over the years the District has spotlighted several Sun Valley pioneers in the Pipeline who have helped build and develop the community we love today. Accordingly, no story would be complete without shining a light on the great women who did the same. Audrey “Johnnie” Golden is one of those women. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana she eventually made her way west. She met and married Richard “Dick” Golden and the two were a duo to be reckoned with. They started Golden Realty and set out to develop and sell land in Sun Valley. For $50 dollars down and $50 a month you could buy a lot in Sun Valley. As developers, Johnnie would do anything it took to get the job done often in ditches with a shovel or a paint brush in hand she was never one to shy away from hard work. The Goldens built the original Sun Valley Shopping Center and the bank out front which is now Wells Fargo. Johnnie actually painted the exterior of the entire center. After completion they operated the Gold Mine, a small restaurant and casino out of the center. During the 70’s it was known for the best steaks in Sun Valley. A woman of many talents, Johnnie was an accomplished singer and performer who worked in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and the Reno/Sparks are for years. Today 88 years young, she continues to inspire future generations having already left an indelible legacy of accomplishments in Sun Valley and beyond.