Congratulations to District Trustees Joseph Barstow and Garth Elliott, re-elected to the Sun Valley General Improvement District Board of Trustees for a new term of service. Congratulations and welcome to Sun Valley resident Carmen Ortiz, newly elected District Trustee for her first term of service.

During the January 26, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting, the Board elected the following officers: Sandra Ainsworth, Chairperson; Susan Severt, Vice Chair; Joseph Barstow, Secretary; Garth Elliott, Treasurer; and Carmen Ortiz, Trustee.


Trustee Margaret Reinhardt’s term with the Sun Valley General Improvement District has ended after serving on the Board for 12 years. The Board and staff of the District will miss her contribution and tireless commitment to the board and Sun Valley residents. In the early sixties she moved to Sun Valley beginning her life and commitment to the valley. Over 50 years Ms. Reinhardt watched Sun Valley flourish and fell in love with the people and the community. Called to serve to preserve Sun Valley’s charm and way of life, Ms. Reinhardt has served on many boards and commissions. Her distinguished career includes the Sun Valley General Improvement District Board for 12 years, the Sun Valley CAB, Sun Valley Landowners
Association, and the Western Regional Water Commission. Among many of her accomplishments her most recent was as a
District Trustee, she obtained her Certified Public Official Certification. The District and the entire community thank Margaret for her service and wish her all the best in
her future endeavors.


The District with Washoe County Senior Services hosted the 7th annual Veterans Appreciation event and pancake breakfast Saturday November 12, 2016 at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center. It was a great turnout including state and local dignitaries, local organizations providing information on services that support veterans and the military, Boy Scout Troop 585 Color Guard, and a live performance of the national anthem performed by Nevada Army National Guard member Rob Diehl. Pancakes and all the fixings topped off the day in appreciation of veterans and the military.


Congratulations to the winners of the Sun Valley photo contest. Two of the entries tied for first place, Robert Byrns and Barbara Alberti. Bob Alberti won second place.


The District congratulates annual Community Service Award recipients and extends their thanks to them for their efforts on behalf of the community. Clara Lawson with Washoe County was recognized for her longtime commitment and efforts to pedestrian safety in the valley, and Toni Holloway-Jenkins for her dedication and financial contribution to the Sun Valley Food Pantry. Both have gone above and beyond in their commitment to safety and the betterment of Sun Valley.


Winter in Sun Valley usually brings freezing temperatures and it is the time to make certain pipes are attended to. Freezing pipe preparation can save money and inconvenience.

  • For customers with mobile homes, ensure that skirting is in place around the entire home to prevent cold air from entering.
  • Insulate and heat tape exposed lines, especially the service line that comes up out of the ground and supplies the house with water, as this is the location where freezing mostly occurs.
  • Insulate water heaters and their supply lines and drain irrigation systems to include backflow devices.


The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has provided the District with a limited amount of radon kits available FREE to the public. You may get your kit, while supplies last, during regular business hours at the District office, 5000 Sun Valley Blvd. To learn more about radon in Nevada please visit www.RadonNV.com or call 1-888-RADON10.


All residential services are currently in their winter averaging period, which means that your sewer consumption charges are based on your metered water consumption. After this period, the billing system will take your average monthly consumption during this evaluation period to determine your sewer “max”. Then for the remainder of the year, you will never pay more than the “max” in sewer consumption charges regardless of how much water is used each month. If your monthly water consumption is less than the “max”, your sewer consumption charges will be equal to the water consumption. It’s important to advise the District of any leaks, open taps to prevent your pipes from freezing, or outside irrigation due to unseasonably warm weather so we can take those incidents into consideration when determining your actual sewer usage. Please complete a Winter Average Re-Evaluation Request Form and turn it in by the end of your evaluation period. Forms are available on the District website www.svgid.com or at the District office, 5000 Sun Valley Blvd. For more information, please call (775) 673-2220.


Waste Management has announced that single stream recycling will be in effect for Sun Valley. To learn about this program, please visit www.svgid.com.


  • February 20 – Presidents’ Day (District office closed)
  • April 15 – Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 16 – Easter Sunday
  • April 22 – E-Waste Event & Earth Day