2023 District Summer Newsletter


The District values its customers and tries to keep rates down, however, due to economic conditions and rising costs, the District was forced to pass through some of these increases. A Tariff Hearing was held on May 11, 2023. The following is a summary as well as the Rate and Fee Changes that will go into effect July 1, 2023.

Water Rates (Rule #21):

  • 2.5% increase ($2.46 to $2.52 per thousand gallons) in consumption rate for Tier 1 residential/commercial single use up to 6,000 gallons per month
  • Implementation of a Tier 2 rate ($3.61 per thousand gallons) for consumption over 6,000 gallons per month
  • – Irrigation and Bulk Single-Use Accounts are billed at the Tier 2 rate for all of their consumption
  • Removed $60 after-hours fee for non-payment re-installation requests received after 4:30 pm (those requests will be reinstalled the next business day)
  • Implementation for non-tax-paying customers of a monthly flat rate billing of $2.64 per unit to help fund Capital Improvement Projects
  • Implementation of a monthly billing of City of Sparks Right-Of-Way Fee equal to 5% of water consumption charges for those customers located in the incorporated City of Sparks service area

Sewer Rates (Rule #22):

  • Increase base rate from $17.14 to $19 per month
  • Increase consumption rate from $4.29 to $4.50 per thousand gallons
  • Implementation of a flat rate of $41.50 per unit, per month for apartment complexes/mobile home parks on master meters

Recreation Fee (Rule #28):

  • Monthly recreation fee of $3.50 to be billed per dwelling unit on all multi-unit properties, apartment units and customers located in the incorporated City of Sparks service area
  • Increased youth per season athletic field user fee from $15 to $20; adult per season athletic field user fee from $20 to $25; Removal of the Gepford Community Building as a reservable recreation facility

Other Fees in Utility Fee Schedule:

  • Increase of backflow inspection fees from $40 to $200 for backflow devices up to 2”, and $300 for backflow devices greater than 2”
  • Increase of Construction Inspection after hour fees from $100 to $150
  • Increase of Parcel Map review fees from $50 to $100 (up to a maximum of 4 parcels); from $250 to $500 for Apartments, Commercial or Subdivision Map reviews; and $750 for Annexation Application Reviews

Various Tariff Rules were updated and revised to clarify responsibilities, language, definitions, processes and procedures of the District. Some of the most pertinent include those specific to Customer Deposits (Rule #11 and Rule #12), Backflow Prevention Devices (Rule #15), New Development (Rule #16), and Service to Separate Premises, Conversion of Joint Metered Premises (Rule #20). Please visit the District website to view all Tariff Rules.



The District partnered with Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions this April to provide electronic recycling for its customers. This event was very successful with the collection of 103 televisions, 6 monitors and a total of 2,300 pounds of various electronics recycled. As a reminder Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions accepts electronic recycling year-round, fees apply for TV’s and CRT monitors. For more information, call 775-690-9348.

If you are in need of disposing appliances/heavy metal, Sims Metal accepts recycling year-round. For more information call 775-331-3023.



The District is proud that our drinking water continues to meet all state and federal drinking water quality standards as it has for more than 50 years. We know the quality of your water is important to you and we take all water regulations very seriously.

To view the Water Quality Report please visit the District’s website or if you have any questions, please contact the District’s Public Works Director.



You’re invited to attend the end of season Pool Party Saturday, August 12th, 12pm – 5pm. There will be fun games and prizes throughout the day (general admission rates apply).

The pool will close for the season at 5pm on Sunday, August 13th in conjunction with the Washoe County School District Balanced Calendar. Be sure to enjoy the remaining weeks of the summer at the pool during normal pool hours Tuesday through Sunday 12pm – 5pm.



You’re invited to attend Impalas Car Club Car Show on September 23rd from 9am-2pm at the Sun Valley Community Park 115 W. 6th Ave., Sun Valley, NV. This event is free to car lovers and the general public. There will be great raffle prizes along with 50/50 raffle, food and music. Those interested in entering their car, all makes and model of cars are welcome, there is a $25 registration fee. Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Alta Vista Mental Health for mental health awareness for Northern Nevada.

For more information, please contact Kevin at kevindbland@gmail.com or 775-342-9862.



The Sun Valley community is encouraged to nominate local people and/or businesses that go above and beyond to improve the quality of life in Sun Valley community. The annual award is designed to recognize those efforts with a plaque and presentation by the District Board of Trustees.

For more information, please visit the District’s website. Please submit your nominations to jmerritt@svgid.com. Submittal deadline is September 30, 2023.



The District encourages summer recreation either in one of your favorite Sun Valley Parks or even in your own yard. A fun recreation activity can be captured through photography. This year’s Photo Contest is a themed contest, Birds and Blooms. Submit your favorite themed photo, as a reminder all photos must be taken in Sun Valley. Visit the District’s website for a complete set of contest rules and for photo submittal. Cash prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and photos will be displayed in the District office. Submittal deadline is September 30, 2023.



  • August 5th   – SVCAB Meeting
  • August 10th – District Board Meeting
  • August 12th – End of Season Pool Party
  • August 13th – Last Pool Day
  • September 4th – Labor Day (District office closed)
  • September 9th – SVCAB Meeting
  • Septemeber 14th – District Board Meeting
  • September 23rd – Sun Valley Car Show
  • October 7th  – SVCAB Meeting
  • October 12th – District Board Meeting
  • October 27th – Nevada Day (District office closed)