2024 Winter Newsletter (PDF)


December to March is the winter averaging period for residential customers which means that your sewer consumption charges are based on your metered water consumption. At the end of this period, the billing system takes your average monthly consumption for those 3 months and sets that as your sewer “max”, which is the maximum monthly sewer consumption you will be charged for the remainder of the year regardless of how much your metered water consumption is. Please report any leaks, outside watering or open taps by completing and submitting a Winter Average
Re-Evaluation Request within 30 days of the end of your winter averaging period. For more information, please contact the District office at 775-673-2220.



The District proclaims January as Radon Detection Month. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas released in the ground from the natural decay of uranium. It is the primary cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers. Customers can pick up a FREE radon detection kit at the District’s office during the months of January and February while supplies last. For more information on Radon, please contact the University of Nevada, Reno Extension at 775-336-0252 or visit radonnv.com.



The District is a general improvement district that operates under NRS 318 and has the powers to oversee the delivery of safe drinking water, collection of wastewater, parks and recreation and garbage (garbage is contracted out to Waste Management). Below is a list of other agencies that provide resources for commonly requested services and/or handle complaints that are not part of the District’s jurisdiction.

The range of services provided by Washoe County is robust and comprehensive, but is available at your fingertips by dialing 311, answered by real people who can help you quickly answer questions about the following County Services:

Blight, Washoe County Code Enforcement (debris, refuse, rubbish, weeds, etc.) Building Permits, Washoe County Planning County Commissioners, Roads & Ditches, Washoe County Roads (residential streets)

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) 775-888-7000
Sun Valley Boulevard maintenance

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch 775-785-9276
Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti Homeless Encampments, Illegal Dumping

Washoe County Regional Animal Services 775-353-8900
Nuisance or Stray Animals

USA North 811
Call before you dig to get utility locations (District marks its utilities on the street, NOT on property)

Waste Management 775-329-8822
Garbage and/or Recycling

Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) 775-335-7623
Traffic Signal Maintenance



 The Washoe County Commission awarded the District a $250,000 Grant using American Rescue Plan Act federal funds. The District successfully completed the following projects:

  • Hired a Part-Time Park Maintenance position for the 2023 calendar year to assist with maintaining the Sun Valley Parks wages and benefits cost was $35,157.00
  • Re-striped the Sun Valley Community Park parking lot at a cost of $4,500.00
  • Purchase of five additional security cameras for the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center at a cost of $2,953.00 
  • Rebuilt lifeguard stands at the Sun Valley Pool at a cost of $7,088.22
  • Repaved the Sun Valley Community Park basketball court, pedestrian walking path with retention curb at a cost of $82,402.00
  • Updated Sun Valley Community Park outside lighting fixtures at a cost of $22,397.58
  • Updated Gepford Park outside lighting fixtures and installed additional lighting fixtures at a cost of $38,268.00
  • Installed two new scoreboards at Gepford Park at a cost of $38,430.00
  • Installed a 4’ fence along the southside of Gepford Park to address pedestrian safety concerns at a cost of $9,860.00
  • Purchased various track improvement items for the Reno Battleborn BMX program at a cost of $8,683.54


On November 4, 2023, the District held its annual Veterans Appreciation Celebration in partnership with Washoe County Human Services. Giveaway bags included information and resources from the District, Reno Veterans Center, Veterans Upward Bound, Adopt-a-Vet Dental Program, VA Health Center and Senator Jackie Rosen. The District would like to thank Washoe County Human Services for providing the biscuits and gravy breakfast, and to the representatives of various veteran agencies in attendance. A special thank you to the veterans and their family members who made the event a success.


Congratulations to our 2023 Photo Contest Winners! First Place – Alta Ellis, Second Place – Kaylin Aytes, and Third Place – Myrtle Anderson.  There photos are on display in the District’s lobby for all to enjoy. Thank you to all of those who participated in the 2023 Photo Contest.



The District Board of Trustees meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm. The meetings are held in the Board Room, which can be accessed through the Prosser Drive entrance to the District building. The public is always welcome to attend. For details about upcoming meetings, please visit the District website.


  • February 3 – Sun Valley Citizen Advisory Board Meeting
  • February 7 – District Board Meeting
  • February 19 – President’s Day (District Closed)
  • March 2 – Sun Valley Citizen Advisory Board Meeting
  • December 2 – Sun Valley Citizen Advisory Board Meeting
  • March 14 – District Board Meeting
  • April 6 – Sun Valley Citizen Advisory Board Meeting
  • April 11 – District Board Meeting