Congratulations! Re-elected and Newly Elected Trustees

Margaret Reinhardt, chairperson for the Sun Valley General Improvement District Board, has been reelected for a third term. She has led the board for the past two years as chairperson with professionalism, fairness, knowledge and a deep commitment to District customers. The District looks forward to her ongoing contribution to the Board. Congratulations! Joseph Barstow, newly elected Sun Valley General Improvement District Trustee moved to Sun Valley in 1981, and has been the Pastor for the H.O.P.E. Church of the Nazarene in Sun Valley since 1996. Since 2008 the Sun Valley Food Pantry has been operating at the church which Joseph oversees. The Pantry distributes food to those in need and is solely supported by volunteers and donations. Joseph enjoys fishing and hunting (when he has time) and collects pens from across the country and small cars. He and his wife Angela of 31 years have three grown children and a young grandson. His goal as Trustee of the Board is to see that District customers receive the best service at affordable prices. He will work closely with the other trustees to see how to save money especially during these challenging times and to make positive contributions to future endeavors. Congratulations Joseph!

How the District Works for Customers

The District is responsible for water, sewer, parks, and the pool and garbage collection which is contracted out to Waste Management. The District has some programs and options in place to help landowners have more control over the water and sewer bills on your property, since as the landowner you are ultimately responsible for any outstanding billings owed. These programs are briefly described below and are available at no cost; however, there is a form that would need to be completed for each program: Landowner Standby Agreement – Automatically reverts service into landowner’s name when a tenant requests disconnect; rather than disconnect the service altogether, it simply puts the account back into the landowners name. Signature Required Agreement – Restricts anyone from signing up for service at an address without written authorization from the landowner. Authorization to Sign Up for Service – Landowner completes this form to authorize a specific tenant to sign up for service (if Signature Required Agreement is on file). Agreement to Waive Deposit for Tenant – Allows landowner the option to waive the required deposit for a specific tenant at a specific service address. Landowner ID on File – Puts a permanent copy of a landowner’s ID on file so that you do not need to provide it each time you do a transaction which requires ID. Duplicate copy of bill – Landowners can request a duplicate copy of their tenant’s bill to monitor their payment history. Also, landowners have the right to call to inquire on their tenant’s bill/payment history at any time. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Please call the office for more information so that we can review these options with you and help you make the decision as to whether or not you may benefit from any of the listed options.

Appliance & E-Waste Recycling Day

The District will be hosting an appliance and electronic (E-WASTE) recycling day scheduled for April 13th, , 2013. The event will be from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon. This event is Board directed to assist the community and reduce illegal dumping in the Valley and surrounding open spaces. For volunteer information and other events/activities, visit the District website at

Parks & Recreation Survey

The District recently conducted a Parks and Recreation Survey. The survey was developed to try and determine what Sun Valley residents would like to see and enjoy at local parks. The Board is reviewing the results and will initiate a plan on how to implement the desired programs that residents would like to see. To look for any upcoming events or programs currently offered, please check out the District website at Thanks for participating in the Survey.

Buy & Shop Local

Local merchants, services and food sources have made a commitment to do business in Sun Valley. That is why it is very important to support these businesses through giving them your business whenever possible. Think about it, as the Valley grows, we all benefit from the businesses that decide to become a part of the community. Buy local, shop local. Everyone wins.

Winter Watering Tips

Most of us wonder about watering in a dry winter season. One of the benefits of living in Sun Valley is occasional mild winter days. Even though we do get snow, the in between days come around that make us wish for spring. These days are ideal for watering lawns, trees and shrubs. Just a couple of times should do it. If it’s not a drought year once is enough as we will usually have days of snow for needed moisture. The sun is less intense in winter but this is a semiarid climate and necessitates some winter watering. In cold, wet climates, winter watering is not needed or recommended. On warm days, water in the morning and try to soak the space. This gives the water a chance to seep in before freezing. Do water around the trees, instead of hitting the base of the tree trunk. If possible, use a soil needle to get water down to where it is needed. Note: Larger, older trees will not need heavy winter watering, but if you have a compost pile, it should be kept moist during the winter too. Grass areas should be watered at least once in January or February, and your drought resistant plants are fine all winter long without any water. Plants in shaded areas retain water better than sunny areas that can tend to dry the plants out. Accumulated snow stays longer in those areas too. A general rule, sunny areas will need most water during drier winter months.

Free Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation services are available for qualified individuals at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center this year. The program is offered the last week in January and will continue through March 2013, Monday through Friday, 1 pm – 4 pm, by appointment only. Please call 775-674-4411 to schedule an appointment.

District Board Meetings

The January through March board meetings at the District Offices will be on the following dates: ( Jan 10th & 24th, Feb 14th & 28th, Mar 14th & 28th OR the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6 pm in the District Board located off Prosser Way.) The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. For all information regarding the District, please visit

Who Are You Gonna Call?

The District operates and maintains the water, wastewater, and parks (except the regional park) in Sun Valley. The District often receives calls regarding services we do not operate or maintain. Although we are always happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction, for your convenience we have provided the following list of the agencies that are responsible for other services.

Emergency 911 911
Poison Control 800-222-1222
Nevada Department of Transportation/NDOT. (Sun Valley Blvd.) 775-888-7000
Washoe County Roads (Streets & ditches) 775-328-2040
Washoe County Public Works (snow & ice control) 775-328-2180
RTC (Traffic Signals) 775-335-7623
Waste Management (Garbage) 775-329-8822
Washoe County Health (Health info) 775-328-2400
Washoe County Code Enforcement (nuisance issues) 775-328-6106
Animal Control (Stray animals) 775-322-3647
Washoe County Sheriff Dispatch (Law enforcement) 775-785-4629
Sierra Fire Protection District (Fire protection) 775-328-6124