Congratulations to Sandra & Susan on their re-election. The following Sun Valley General Improvement District Trustees were elected to serve as officers of the board for 2019; Sandra Ainsworth, Chair – Susan Severt, Vice Chair – Garth Elliott, Secretary – Carmen Ortiz, Treasurer – Josepb Barstow, Trustee


The District, partnering with Washoe County Human Services, held the 9th annual Veterans Appreciation Event and pancake breakfast on Saturday, November 10, 2018. The turn out by veterans and the public was outstanding and one of the largest in the past years. A live performance of the national anthem by the Sun Valley Hope Church of the Nazarene Choir and Boy Scout Color Guard kicked off the event that also included local and state elected officials. Various veteran service agencies were in attendance and provided beneficial information and resources. Everyone enjoyed a delicious free pancake breakfast with all the trimmings.


Congratulations to the 2018 Photo Contest winners. First Place Winner, Debbie Xavier – Second Place Winner, Charina Arevalo – Third Place Winner, Tim Areval. Thank you to everyone for participating.


Congratulations to the winners and for their work in Sun Valley Community. Hobey’s Casino for their continued exemplary contributions to the businesses and residents of the Sun Valley community. Summit Christian Church for their continued dedication and devotion to the Sun Valley community. Sun Valley Cal Ripken Baseball League out of appreciation for their commitment and hard work displaying community pride while representing the Sun Valley community. John Crabtree with Reno Battleborn BMX. Mr. Crabtree has brought so many into the Sun Valley community with the Battleborn BMX program. He goes above and beyond to give the children a fun sport even if they cannot afford it. He always makes sure kids have what they need. Mr. Crabtree and the Battleborn BMX Team have spent countless hours improving the track and park. They do this because of the love for their community and all it has to offer. You are all greatly appreciated!


The range of services provided by Washoe County is not only robust and comprehensive, but is now at your fingertips. Washoe 311 is a new centralized service center is as easy to reach as dialing three simple numbers: 3-1-1. It’s your connection to Washoe County, answered by real people who can help you quickly answer questions about County services.


Since becoming General Manager of the SVGID this past June and after many years working for the District, I like seeing positive improvements for the Sun Valley community. Some of the Capital Improvement Projects completed and/or underway include:

  • Sanitary Sewer upgrade from 8” to 15” pipe size from 4th Ave. and Pearl Dr. to Gepford Dr. and Leon Dr. This project will ensure that the District will have capacity for future development in the Sun Valley (Completed summer of 2018).
  • Installation of a new 12” water main to serve the new Desert Skies Middle School scheduled to open August 2019.
  • Replacement of the District’s 40 year old pump house on Lansing Dr. that will combine two zones serving the Sidehill and Juniper Terrace area. Construction completion is scheduled for spring of 2019.
  • New Telemetry linking all pump houses, water tanks, water pressure zones, and sewer flows. This will allow the District staff to monitor all aspects of the water/sewer system from our main pump house. Estimated completion is scheduled for June 2019.It is important to note that all Capital Improvement Projects are paid for by the rate payers. And in addition, District Trustees act fiscally responsible when approving all Capital Improvement Projects for Sun Valley. The District and its Trustees are dedicated to the success and prosperity of the Valley, its businesses and residents. We all believe in solid growth that benefits the Valley and continues to attract new residents, businesses and services.


All residential services are currently in their winter averaging period, which means that your sewer consumption charges are based on your metered water consumption. After this period the billing system will take your average monthly consumption during this evaluation period to determine your sewer “max” that will be used to bill your sewer consumption charges for the remainder of the year. Please report any leaks, outside watering or open taps by completing a Winter Average Re-Evaluation Request.


The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has provided the District with a limited number of radon kits available FREE to the public. You may get your kit, while supplies last, during regular business hours at the District office. To learn more about Radon in Nevada please visit www.RadonNV.com or call 1-888-RADON10. Kits can be picked up in the office during January and February.


The District offers assistance programs for those who qualify based on low income. These programs can waive your monthly recreation fee and/or allow the District to pay your Waste Management bill for you. Visit the District website to view income guidelines or call the office for more information.


  • January 1st – New Year’s Day (District office closed)
  • January 10th – Board of Trustee Meeting
  • January 21st – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (District office closed)
  • January 24th – Board of Trustee Meeting
  • February 14th – Board of Trustee Meeting
  • February 18th – President’s Day (District office closed)
  • February 28th – Board of Trustee Meeting
  • March 14th – Board of Trustee Meeting
  • March 28th – Board of Trustee Meeting